Here, you will discover faces and some information about the YouRiding team...

Michael / Mike

Job: General manager
Hometown:  Anglet
Sport: Bodyboard
Hobbies: Sports, Travels, Informatic
Music: Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Morcheeba, Pinback
Favorite food: In & out Burger, Txuleta
Quote: "Live your dreams, the world is yours"


Thomas / Tom

Job: Marketing manager
Hometown: Anglet 
Sport: Bodyboard
Hobbies:  Movies, Rugby, Hockey
Music: Dave Matthews, Wax Tailor
Favorite food: The double-double at In - N -Out
Quote:"No Stress!"

Diane / Kine

Job: Communication manager
Hometown:  Bayonne
Sport: Dance and Mini Malibu
Hobbies: Going out, rugby, beach, shopping and stupid movies
Music: Gentleman, No doubt, Sia, Counting crows, Red hot, Lady Gaga...
Favorite food:Curry chicken
Quote: "To celebrate it, let's get celebrate it"

Nicolas / Niko

Job: Developer
Hometown:  Hiriburu
Sport: Snowboard, bodyboard, bodysurf and soccer
Hobbies: Ecology, rugby, actions sports, party and video games
Music: Everything but more specially Hard Rock, Metal, Neo Metal, House
Favorite food:There's too many choices
Quote:"For every misfortune, there's worse" 

Loïc / with two points

Job: Developer
Hometown:  Bayonne
Sport: Rugby
Hobbies: Party !
Music: Ska-p
Favorite food: Everything
Quote: "Empty glass, I pity you, full glass, I empty you"

Laure / Lorduss

Job: Web designer
Hometown: Dax
Sport: Bodypump, bike.
Hobbies: Party! friends and family
Music: Red hot, dirty dancing, aerosmith
Favorite food: Grandma's food
Quote: "Everything is good from the pig"

Job: Graphic artist
Hometown: St Paul, Reunion Island
Muay thai, Bodyboarding
Hobbie : Movies, roleplaying games
Music: Airbourne, Shaka Ponk, The Offspring, Wax Tailor
Favorite food: Chinese, and world famous Reunion Island's rougail saucisse
Quote: "there's always room for improvement"

Jérôme  / Jé

Job:  Financial Manager
Hometown: Lyon 
Sport:  Running
Hobbies: Soccer
Music: Muse
Favorite food: Seafood
Quote: "I did it"

Lætitia / Tytoune

Job: Manager assistant
Hometown: Vichy
Sport: Roller!
Hobbies: Shopping, party, beach!
Music: Everything I can sing.
Favorite food: Grandma's pizzas!
Quote: " The night gives the sleep"

Rémi / Bobby

Job: Developer
Hometown: Anglet city and beach
Sport: Surf, surf and surf
Hobbies: Surf, party
Music: Zager & Evans, Bob Dylan and  Bob Marley
Favorite food: Duck confit with potatoes
Quote: "it's awesome!!"

Martin / Marty the cheater

Job: Game developer
Hometown: Bayonne
Sport: Bodyboard,surf, ski, rugby
Hobbies: video games, surf, sports
Music: Renaud, Brassens
Favorite food: Lasagna
Quote:"Life would be easier if I had source code"


Job:  Game designer
Hometown: Mont de Marsan
Sport: Thaï boxing, football, ski, surf, pelota
Hobbies: reading, stupid video games, guitar, ukulele, teasing Marty the cheater
Music: Cali, Rise Against, Ska-p, Cocoon
Favorite food: Stuffed tomatoes
Quote: "And what ?"

Now, we don't have any secret for you anymore...