Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Billabong Pro 2010

The BILLABONG PRO TAHITI 2010 takes place on the wave of Teahupoo for the 10th year.

This year YouRiding is partner of the event and we allow you to ride the wave of the event in Quickgame, using the character of Tahitian big wave rider Manoa Drollet.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Community Freeride

1st Assessment of the futur Community Freeride.

On this Monday, here is the list of spots the most asked for the Community Freeride. Among about fifty propositions, here is most sought:

Mavericks - California
Mandurah - Australia
El confital - Canary Island
Cova do vapor - Portugal
Cave - Portugal

But also: Kiama Bombie, El Pomol, La Paloma, Jaws, Waïmea, Praia do norte, Pico Alto, Lower Trestels, Cyclops, Supersucks, Cortz Bank, Dungeons, Playgrounds, The Rock and so on.

Don't forget, we need 20 waves, so react in giving us new propositions on our forum.
Give us waves, we'll give you an amazing Freeride and Never Stop Riding!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love YouRiding

YouRiders, Join us on :


orkut (In maintenance)
our forum


Monday, August 16, 2010

New Freeride Mode

This time YOU choose the waves!

In order to always introduce surfers and bodyboarders from all around the world with the best waves of each part of the globe, the riding webgame YouRiding.com will offer all the internet users the possibility to play theirs favorites wave-spots, starting on September 06, 2010.

Players will be able to ride freely in paddling or tow-in waves such as Kiama Bombie, El Pomol, La Paloma, Jaws, Waïmea, Praia do norte, Pico Alto, Lower Trestels, Cyclops, Supersucks, Cortz Bank, Dungeons, Playgrounds, The Rock and so on.

The concept is simple, each week on the forum, youRiders have to propose waves. So, among the most wanted waves, three waves will be chosen and in the end one wave will go out per week. End of the Freeride planned for the 17th of january.

Begin NOW to post videos, photos or links of your favorite wave. Don't forget to register on the new forum.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ride with Nick Gornall

Since few days, the Australian bodyboarder Nicholas Gornall is a special guest on YouRiding!

Indeed, this "Mister Air Reverse
" has his own quickgame. It's a success because the wave was played more than 315 000 times! YouRiders like it and we are very satisfied!

So don't stop riding with Nick, you have one month to score amazing Air Reverse like Nick...if you can!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Official Forum

Welcome to the Official new forum!

As the former forum was a mess, to announce and prepare the release of the future version, we have just created a new one!

If you have questions, bugs, ideas for the new ve
rsion ? Now, you can tell us what you want on our new forum.

YouRiders, GO GO GO!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The French Freeride Mode

For each rider, surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding or free skiing is a 24/7 passion which can lead us to wake up before sunrise searching for the perfect uncrowded session and traveling around the world to ride those legendary breaks or mountains covered in magazines.

Now, it's possible to ride amazing waves and slope
s, whenever you are.

During this summer, the "Freeride" game mode on Youriding puts spotlight on the best french waves.

Last May, YouRiding translates its game in French. To focus on this frenchy side, we made in the FreeRide mode, only french waves. Players are now able to ride freely in paddling or tow-in waves such as the WQS 6 STAR wave of Lacanau in Gironde, Les Cavaliers in Anglet or l'Hermitage Left in the Reunion island...

If you wonder how to surf even if summer ends, go on YouRiding.com, the Basque coast, Landes, Brittany, the Mediterranean Sea, Guadeloupe, Tahiti and the most amazing waves of France are waiting for you.

Never Stop Riding.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Become a fan

Facebook Fan Page.

To be more clear, we're going to delete our differents fan pages.

Indeed we have, at present, 8 fan pages for each sports in english and in french. What a mess! So, we start again. We have done ONE and ONLY page instead.

Let's "like it" here!

Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 2, 2010

YouRiding Bodyboard Game on Facebook

This Facebook gamemode of YouRiding Bodyboarding allows you, YouRider, to compete against your Facebook friends on 8 of the best waves in the world: Pipeline in Hawaii, The Wedge in California, El Gringo in Chile, Itacoatiara in Brazil, La Gravière in France, The Cave in Portugal, North Point and Shark Island in Australia!
What a choice!

On each wave, you will play with a different pro rider from the NMD, VS or Pride Bodyboards teams: Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Michael Novy, Ryan Hardy, Pierre-Louis Costes, Sam Bennett, Cade Sharp and Mitch Woodland.

Your ranking among your Facebook friends on waves will be based on your highscore on the wave.

It's make now, two months that this application exists, and it's time to do a report. We want our players to be satisfied.

The application counts more than 4100 users by months. Enough to begin to be proud. However, You should take advantage that we are not still full of ourself to tell us your feelings about the application, that we can improve in the future.

Since few days, the Australian can pay with their cell phones (Allopass) on the facebook game.

Keep riding.