For each rider, surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding or free skiing is a 24/7 passion which can lead us to wake up before sunrise searching for the perfect uncrowded session and traveling around the world to ride those legendary breaks or mountains covered in magazines.

Moreover, the other passion which defines the new generation of 13-30 years-old riders is that we all are big videogamers, spending hours playing the SSX, Tony Hawk or Kelly Slater games on our video consoles. 

Unfortunately for us, those games are most of the time destined to the general public, not to die-hard fans of our sports. They are not very realistic and do not give us the possibility to play connected with other passionate riders. 

So that’s exactly what YouRiding Webgames are all about! Making amends for this lack of digital fun by featuring free and ultrarealistic multi-player online surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding and free skiing games, quick to play directly in your browser on the internet, to have fun with friends when good swells are not hitting our coasts or perfect pow covering our slopes. 
This initiative, started in 2007, stands on the shoulders of the best-quality, best-loved and most entertaining Action Sports webgame in the world. It’s something we’re intensely proud of, and we look forward to sharing our future with you.


                                                                                                                                The YouRiding Team