Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Winter Version Online!

With Winter coming, Intellysurf launches a new version of its YouRiding SNOWBOARDING and YouRiding FREESKIING, online games, offering you a new control of the character and additional possibilities of ride.

Firstly, developers have worked out a new gameplay allowing an optimal control of the character during the preparation and the execution of jumps and tricks.

Secondly, in order to bring always more realism and fun to its games, we now give you the possibility to slide on snowparks elements with the new arrival of jibs.

Finally, to fully take advantage of these new features, a new Freeride of 20 slopes split by level of difficulty was created. Canada, United States, Europe or Asia will become within the reach of boots!



João said...

quite amazing! Problems: There is a major bug on points calculating, some tricks simply don't count. And also there are no brands at all to buy stuff. That's annoying. There should be also tricks for the jibbing, but the game it's in the right direction! I'm lovin' it, thank you guys!

mike said...

Thanks! Could post a message on the YouRiding forum to explain which tricks don't count?
Branded stuff may come for Xmas...
and now the contests are ON!!!!

João said...

hello mike, most of the times 360's with grabs and 180 grabs are the ones that don't count, and I'm experiencing this most on Mayrofhen (?) backcountry.

Martin said...

i'm Marty for the YouRiding developers team.
If sometimes, your jumps don't count, that's beacause you don't spend enough time in the air.
This verification is done to avoid cheating (some cheaters did severals 360's on flat to increase their score).
Thank you for your feedback, and don't hesitate to ask other questions!

João said...

oh I see! that makes perfect sense, but it's not quite fair 'cause especially on backcountry It can be very frustrating too see a 12000 trick not counting, maybe u guys are being too arshe on that air time thing. but it's better than having those lames 360ying all the way down so.. I get your point. by the way guys, incredible job, I absolutely love this game, it feels way much better now, the character moves freely and it's more real! Another thing, on the quarterpipe you can still cheat by going up again and doing a mini-trick on the ramp again (I did it). Put the time for the run shorter ;). THANKS !!