Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Jenks Pro

American bodyboarding event!
Point Pleasant - NJ - USA


Wednesday Sept 1st: Day one of competition Drop Knee Open.

Thursday Sept 2nd: Day two of possible competition, all Pro riders on call 90% of running probability.

Friday Sept 3rd: Day 3 of possible competition all Pro riders on call 50% of running probability.

Saturday Sept 4th
: Day 4 of possible competition all Pro riders on call 100% possibility of running competition (Amateur and Womens Divisions) .

(Pro riders: Jeff Hubbard, Jason Bitzer, Guilherme Tamega, Brian Stoehr, Spencer Skipper, Kurt Pellegrino...)

Sunday Sept 5th: Jenks Pro Closing ceremony and awards at the Scaffolding at Jenkinson’s Inlet Beach.

Take advantage of the quickgame!
Play on youRiding as if you were Jeff Hubbard!

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