Monday, August 2, 2010

YouRiding Bodyboard Game on Facebook

This Facebook gamemode of YouRiding Bodyboarding allows you, YouRider, to compete against your Facebook friends on 8 of the best waves in the world: Pipeline in Hawaii, The Wedge in California, El Gringo in Chile, Itacoatiara in Brazil, La Gravière in France, The Cave in Portugal, North Point and Shark Island in Australia!
What a choice!

On each wave, you will play with a different pro rider from the NMD, VS or Pride Bodyboards teams: Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Michael Novy, Ryan Hardy, Pierre-Louis Costes, Sam Bennett, Cade Sharp and Mitch Woodland.

Your ranking among your Facebook friends on waves will be based on your highscore on the wave.

It's make now, two months that this application exists, and it's time to do a report. We want our players to be satisfied.

The application counts more than 4100 users by months. Enough to begin to be proud. However, You should take advantage that we are not still full of ourself to tell us your feelings about the application, that we can improve in the future.

Since few days, the Australian can pay with their cell phones (Allopass) on the facebook game.

Keep riding.

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oneill said...

love the game but on facebook it hasnt let me invite friend. and whats the deal with no dropknee or tow