Monday, August 16, 2010

New Freeride Mode

This time YOU choose the waves!

In order to always introduce surfers and bodyboarders from all around the world with the best waves of each part of the globe, the riding webgame will offer all the internet users the possibility to play theirs favorites wave-spots, starting on September 06, 2010.

Players will be able to ride freely in paddling or tow-in waves such as Kiama Bombie, El Pomol, La Paloma, Jaws, Waïmea, Praia do norte, Pico Alto, Lower Trestels, Cyclops, Supersucks, Cortz Bank, Dungeons, Playgrounds, The Rock and so on.

The concept is simple, each week on the forum, youRiders have to propose waves. So, among the most wanted waves, three waves will be chosen and in the end one wave will go out per week. End of the Freeride planned for the 17th of january.

Begin NOW to post videos, photos or links of your favorite wave. Don't forget to register on the new forum.


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